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Imagine a promotional USB Card that is more than likely to end up in your client’s, customer’s, or recipient’s wallet.

That is exactly the function that the Wallet USB Card provides. The slim card shaped Wallet USB is designed to easily slip into any wallet or purse. The best part of this is the Wallet USB Cards are a complete representation of your brand – we don’t mean it just has your brand logo or slogan printed on it, rather the full-color printing on both sides of the Wallet USB Cards allows for a more immersive branding experience. We highly recommend printing full color images on both sides to properly leverage the promotional effect, and not sell your brand short.

This allows us to create an aesthetic promotional product for your brand, which you can safely expect to be carried around in wallets and purses! In order to maximize the utility of Wallet USB Cards for the recipients, we recommend that when you order these USB Cards, the storage not be locked and be available for the recipient to use. If they are able to use it as their own personal flash drive, this will ensure that the USB Cards do indeed stay in their wallets and purses for a long time to come! And remember, even if they are using the flash drive storage to save their own content, rather than view your preloaded content, the exterior is still beautifully branded with your corporate image. This means that not only is your brand being reinforced and remarketed to your recipient every time they use the Wallet USB Card, but they are also exposing your brand to other people around.